Favorite Golf Tips
with Liz Gentile
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These helpful golf tips could save you a lot of strokes on the fairways and around the greens when applied correctly. For best results, read them over a few times and refer to them during your practice.
Sequencing in the Golf Swing (advanced player)
There's a lot of talk about sequencing in the golf swing these days - this is not something new that has suddenly surfaced. Sequencing is simply the current term teachers are using that refers to winding and unwinding, or rather, the chain of events which occur between your upper and lower body when you swing. Remember that great swing you made that sent the ball exactly where you wanted it to go and seemed so effortless? That is what sequencing can do for you.

Very simply, the upper body starts the swing as it begins to rotate away from the ball. The lower body and hips follow the lead of the upper. Then, the downswing is initiated by the lower body with your upper body and club following.  At a point before impact, the lower body will slow down allowing the upper to catch up and the club head to accelerate. Finally, you will finish in a nice balanced position with your weight on the outside of your forward foot. It takes training and practice to master these moves, of course, but once you understand the dynamics of sequencing you will no doubt have a clearer picture of how the golf swing works.

MY VIDEO TIP HERE will make it easier for you to learn sequencing. Go through the sequenced motions very slowly until your body adapts to the new move. This should be done without a ball in front of you - resist the urge! It helps a lot to have a coach's guidance and feedback in the beginning.

I always ask my students to swing slowly when they are first introduced to an unfamiliar movement or motion and to focus on just one or two small parts of the whole. It is far easier to change a pattern of movement using slow and repetitive moves until the desired motion is achieved and feels more natural. Then, combine your best tempo and rhythm with your new and improved motion and you are on your way to finding better consistency on the golf course.

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The Grip

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The Left Hand Grip

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your Timing

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Consistency around
the Green

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for everyone

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