About Liz Gentile

Liz Gentile, Teaching Professional
LPGA Class A


Liz is a great instructor, she breaks it down so that it is understandable and easy to achieve in terms of adjusting your posture, swing, etc. We only had a few lessons but I already see an improvement in my game. Cannot wait for more lessons!
- Kelly Anne S.
I have truly enjoyed working with Liz on my golf game. In a short span of six months she has helped me build a solid swing foundation and helped me rid myself of poor technique and habits that I accumulated over the course of my entire life as a recreational golfer. She is very patient. Taking lessons with Liz has renewed my interest in the game and I am looking forward to seeing the results of my hard work out on the course.
- Carlos B.
I've been working with Liz for many years. My game has improved (I went from a 22 handicap to my lowest a 7) and I understand the golf swing more than I ever thought I would. Her ability to focus on the most important aspects of the swing and your mental approach at that moment never ceases to amaze me. I have referred my friends and golf partners to her and all have come back with better results. I highly recommend her as a personal swing coach and consider her a personal friend.
- Joe R.
Liz. I truly enjoy working with you. You have a way of showing the fundamentals with ease and patience. I enjoy the fact that you don’t try to cram too many skills all at once. You stay with me till I perfect a skill and than move forward to another skill.
- Eileen T
I  finally was able to play a round of golf yesterday  after my one hour lesson 10 days ago. I picked up a number of pointers during that time but focused on my grip feeling "right" as you suggested. It worked. I had 16 out of 18 decent shots from the tee adding 20-30 yards each time with my driver. Playing again today and tomorrow. If your ears are ringing then, it's just me resounding a "Thank you Liz " for another good shot. Thanks again. I will be back soon.  
Sincerely, Dee 
Liz, the last lesson was so helpful! I've broken the 95 curse with 87 & 88 the last 2 days and the ball is going to places further away than I've ever been. Hopefully I can keep my thoughts under control and enjoy the success!! 
Thanks so much
See you soon
Kim T.
I have never hit my irons so well in my life including the 4 iron I could not hit before :)


I have devoted more than 30 years to teaching and playing the game of golf professionally. My goal is to help you improve so that you can be the best that you can be. Below I have shared a bit about my journey so that we can get to know each other. I look forward to getting to know you too.

My career began in Florida where I learned to play golf in order to become a tournament player. As a 23 year old athlete I was under the impression that I could learn this game in no time flat. It took me over four years - and hitting thousands of golf balls - to become good enough to compete as a pro. Longer than I wanted but it was a good lesson and that is why, to this day, I can appreciate what goes into establishing a strong, dependable golf game. I was privileged to have been around a lot of wonderful professional players and teachers early on. Jack Nicklaus lived just around the corner from me and often practiced at the course I worked at, Frenchman’s Creek. We had a very large practice area where Jack could hit his driver without fear of losing his practice balls! Jack’s instructional book,
Golf My Way, was literally my bible when I was learning the game so you can imagine how fortunate I was to have been exposed to this in my developmental years.

After a short but enjoyable period playing tournament golf I moved to New York to teach golf in the Metropolitan New York area. The many years I taught in the Met area provided great experiences for me to grow and develop my teaching skills. I now share my playing and teaching knowledge with a wide and diverse following at my present location, Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course in Fairfield, CT.

My energies go exclusively to teaching individuals how to play better golf. Most golf professionals are knowledgeable in the golf swing but a very good teacher needs to be able to communicate with his or her students effectively and on point. My experience in learning and teaching has led me to fully recognize this and I devote my energies to helping each student of mine to hear, see, feel, understand and ultimately experience what they desire most - a well struck golf shot. The end goal, of course, is a better golf game, and my students and I work very hard towards that end!

Over the years I have taught hundreds of individuals about golf. Below are the golf clubs and courses where I’ve been privileged to work and play.

Frenchman’s Creek, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Jonathan’s Landing, Jupiter, Florida
JDM CC, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Nassau CC, Glen Cove, New York
Scarsdale GC, Hartsdale, New York
Elmwood CC, Elmsford, New York
Century CC, Purchase, New York
Wee Burn CC, Darien, Connecticut
John’s Island Club, Vero Beach, Florida (Pace-Sheftic Winter Golf Schools)
H. Smith Richardson GC, LG Golf, Fairfield, Connecticut

D. Fairchild Wheeler GC, LG Golf Instruction and Training, Fairfield, Connecticut