Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I want to be a more consistent player, can you help me?

Yes I can. I have taught golf for many years and this is the #1 reason why most people decide to take lessons - to be more consistent.

Golf is a very challenging game for all who play and as an experienced instructor I have worked a great deal on learning to assess a persons abilities and to develop personal learning strategies that will make a positive difference in each individual's performance.

Without question, every person learns differently and every person learns best at their own pace. This is not to say that I will not challenge you. You will be challenged to reach and to even go beyond your present expectations.

2. How many lessons do I need to take to get better?

This depends on your goals.

Generally speaking, the best progress I have seen is achieved with a balance of lessons and individual practice. I offer a five, eight and twelve lesson programs in which I advise taking a lesson once a week or every two weeks with practice in between. When any changes are introduced it is very important to have feedback on a regular basis to ensure proper integration of what it is you are working on. A lesson without follow-up coaching sessions is not a very effective approach for most players who want to improve their performance on the golf course.

3. Is a playing lesson on the course helpful?

Yes. I encourage most of my students to take at least one playing lesson. Often a playing lesson is your first or second lesson because it enables me to see your actual strengths and weaknesses out on the golf course. This information is very important as we establish a plan for progress.

4. I have never played golf before, how do I get started?

One of the best ways to get started in golf is to take a series of private lessons or clinics geared for the new golfer.

Whichever you decide to do, you will be exposed to all the basic information everyone needs to get started: swing fundamentals, golf course layout, golf course etiquette, score keeping, handicap, and tips all along the way that will make your introduction and experience meaningful.

5. Am I too old to begin playing golf?

No. People begin playing golf at all ages - this is one reason why golf is referred to as the "sport of a lifetime". My students' ages range from 8 to 80 and many have told me that they did not start golf until they were over 55.

6. Can a woman professional teach a man to play golf?


7. How important is golf equipment? Can you help me choose what is right for me?

Sure, it is to your benefit to have a knowledgeable golf professional fit you to the proper equipment. I have been advising on golf equipment for many years and have noted that more and more people these days are taking this route.

Golf equipment today is so good that you really can't go wrong if you stay with a quality brand that suits your game and physique. When advising on equipment I look at many variables and offer suggestions for type, length, weight, loft and lie as well as brands.

Some people put off buying new equipment until they feel they "deserve" it. PLEASE do not look at this important step in that way..... it is so much easier to swing and achieve good ball flight with correct fitting equipment than with poorly fitting equipment. Reward yourself early on and save yourself lots of aggravation.

This page offers a fairly comprehensive look at what is expected of all golfers when they play. Get to know the ins and outs of golf etiquette before you venture out onto a golf course for the first time. You will be glad you did.

The rules are very important - they provide a level playing field for all. Beginners will learn the rules as they navigate their way through the learning process. In the beginning it is important to learn to hit the ball in the air and to navigate the course without undue delay. After you begin to feel more comfortable playing I would suggest you read the rules to get a better overall understanding of how play is regulated and to better understand what to do under certain circumstances (i.e. such as hitting the ball out of bounds, into a lake etc.)

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