2019 is Your Year to Start to Play Golf

The Fast Trac is a series of three individual one hour lessons for a quick, comprehensive INTRO TO GOLF. This is for brand new golfers only! Most people don't know where to start or what they should do to start playing golf - this is for you.

Fast Trac Series

Instruction on the fundamentals of golf.
How to buy equipment.
Learn golf course etiquette.
Join the LG 9 Hole Golf League
Enjoy Group Clinics.
Meet new friends and golf partners.

This is the perfect time to begin your new adventure in golf.

Call me at 203-767-8058 for information on how to get started or schedule your
Fast Trac Series today by clicking on the button below. We'll tailor your experience to your needs with lots of useful information and tips on how to grow your game and how to play on the golf course.

Golf is a wonderful sport and leisure activity - where else can you get lots of exercise and fresh air in a beautiful environment? If you are looking for a challenge or a friendly competition golf certainly provides that as well.

Learning the game takes time AND effort. Start your learning experience with a teacher who will help guide the way for you. Get onto the golf course with confidence and with realistic expectations knowing that you are on your way to a life long adventure that is both fun and satisfying.

New Golfer
New Golfer
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